Julie-Ann Chapman - CFR Sponsored Rider Profile Series

We proudly sponsor snowmobile and dirtbike athletes with an unwavering dedication to their craft, a positive mindset, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, driving the sport to unprecedented heights. 
Throughout the year we will be featuring some of the best talent in our industry. Our Rider Profile Series is aimed to inspire, educate and build community.
Julie-Ann Chapman

IG handle: @sheshredsmountainadventures
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@sheshredsmountains
Home town: Nelson, BC
Height: 5'7"

Julie-Ann has been a leader in the industry for over 10 years, helping women get out into the backcountry safely and with confidence. She is also a mother, so we thought it appropriate to celebrate her on Mother's Day. 

big jump snowmobile

Just few questions to get to know and to be inspired by Julie-Ann...

1. Riding style mountain & technical tree's

2. What do you ride?  2023 Polaris Khaos 9R 165"

3. What truck do you drive?  Dodge Ram mega cab 3500

4. What is your snowmobile bar set up?
Handlebar: Kesterke Bar
Riser height: Knucks 2"
Thumb throttle or finger throttle? Thumb 

5. Favorite area to snowmobile in? West Kootenay trees 

6. Best meal after a great day sledding? Tacos and margs.

7. Why do you sled? The ongoing progression ladder keeps me hungry for more year after year. Keeps me fit. Brings me to the most beautiful places on earth. The people in this industry are THE BEST kind of people. It allows me to disconnect from the everyday grind.

8. What do you think is the future of snowmobiling?  With the way government is going with climate change regulations and future plans, I have a feeling it’s going to to be illegal to ride gas powered sleds and we’ll have to go full electric.

9. How does being a mom shape your snowmobiling mindset? My mindset has changed significantly since having a kid. My risk tolerance has decreased A LOT! It has motivated more me to continue my professional development in snow safety (avalanche certifications, fisrt air certs, safe route finding etc). All of a sudden I care more where this sport is going and the future development for generations to come, like helping fight to keep recreational snowmobiling open for our kids etc. 

10. Do you have any tips on successfully incorporating sledding into the lives of young families? Make it short and fun when they are young. Like going to get a Christmas tree! LOTS of hand warmers and toe warmers! And LOTS of hot chocolate and snacks. Make sure the helmet you pick for them isn’t too heavy for their little necks. Overnight cabin trips are the best!!!! They REALLY love those but takes a  lot of motivation and planning from the parents, but SO WORTH IT! Stay tuned for a special project I have planned for next winter about cabin trips with kids! 

 little boy on snowmobilemom and child on snowmobilelittle boy on snowmobile getting christmas tree

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