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Moto & Snowmobile
IG handle: liam_james89
Home town: Pemberton, BC
Height: 6'

snowmobile doing tricks in backcountry

An inspirational athlete, Liam straddles both worlds. Equally gifted in both sledding and Moto, we love supporting his journey. Here's just a few questions to get to know and to be inspired by Liam...

1. Riding style: Sled; little bit of everything. All truly depends on the day. Really can't beat a blue bird jumping day. Storm days always end up down some drainage we all probably shouldn't have gone down. Haha. On my bike; Enduro/ single track. I have started racing in the hare scrambles. It's such an experience!

2. What do you ride?  2020 skidoo expert 154 // 2023 KTM 300 XC TBI

3. What truck do you drive? 2010 dodge ram 2500 Cummins.

4. What is your snowmobile bar set up? Running the Turcotte bar red. 3 inch risers red, Munster finger throttle, and the red CFR grips. Truly the best set up I have found yet! Controlled in the trees and in the air!

5. Why switch up your Moto stock bars to CFR? The CFR bars really put you in an attack position. I run the 1" rise hard enduro bars. Keeps the body forward, elbows bent and ready to go. I feel I have a lot more control over the Moto with them as well. Plus, not only do they look great, they're extremely durable and strong. I've put my bars thru hell and back. Still haven't broken them. Quality and looks are amazing! 

6. Favorite area to snowmobile/dirtbike in? Whistler and Pemberton are my go-to sledding areas. For Moto; Onion Lake for fast and flowy, Mcnutt for slow tech riding.

7. Best meal after a great day sledding? Backcountry pizza or The Pony.

8. What do you think is the future of snowmobiling? Every time I think I've seen it all. Some of these guys are coming out with the most insane stuff. I just recently seen this clip of Logan Pehota on Instagram. He does this double drop and just absolutely sends it. I feel like the sport's going in the direction of tricks that being linked together into a sequence or hits that just make things more entertaining. Also, the Alpine sled style. I'm a huge fan. Stoked Munster is putting that together. Wish we still had more full-length movies coming out each year as well. But hey Instagram has turned everyone into 30 second fiends! RIP full length movies.

9. How does snowmobiling compliment dirt biking? Snowmobiling and dirtbiking, same same but different. The ability to make quick decisions and commit to a line is huge in both sledding and dirtbiking. Seeing your line and keeping your eyes up are two major similarities between the two and really cross over. A wondering eye is an uncommitted mind. Where they are different is: Throttle control. A dirtbike you want to have a steady throttle with lots of clutch control. (Clutch work = control on dirt bikes). Sledding you're almost pulsing the throttle in situations and using lots of braking to keep the front end down (Throttle brake, throttle brake and repeat). In the end they both bring the stoke up and keep me mentally sane. Also, one thing I'm a huge fan of is the camping aspect of dirtbiking. Getting to hit the road and set up camp in the bush with all your close friends is awesome. 


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