Shredding Spines and Blowing a motor on an all time trip!

AM. Short sleep


Stinky Avalanche alley


Last tandem up the back

Crampons on

Unexpected down climb

Summit Party

Elevation/Time check

Group summit shot.

Getting ready to drop in.

Joe drops into the goods.

Brads Angle

Here we go.

Daryl drops in.

Daryl pops over into the darkside.

Plenty of slashes to go around

Brad not letting his heavy camera bag get in the way.

Working our way down

Down by noon. Beers never tasted so good!

Our descent

My Snowmobile motor blows on retrieval. To deep for a heli pick up. The adventure really begins.

Dead sled road construction.

This happend once or twice.

We get to the Hill of all hills. The push pull and drag events begins

Inch by inch we drag my dead sled up the hill. Joe stoked!

Almost there!

The last hill. 17 hour day so far.

Day 2 Sunrise

Tandem up the back

The Clouds start to roll in.

Finding the way in is always fun.

The true never been shredded north face.

Joe drops in on the first descent


Day 2 descent

Still have to get the dead sled to the truck.

A mellow 20K tow on snow and a lot of dirt.

Dead sled in truck!

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