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iRack 2.0

iRack 2.0

$249.99 CAD

The iRack 2.0 is a hybrid of the Mountain and iRack. The bigger carrying capacity allows you to carry extra gear. Bracket kits (Sold separately) are farther apart to secure skis and snowboards better. The lower profile keeps skis and or snowboards lower to snowmobile. The lightweight yet strong design is almost bomb proof. The CFR Connect system works on this revolutionary rack. The QP bag and Dime bag are also designed to fit in the iRack 2.0.

Outside to outside front and back dimensions.
21" X 16.5"
Front opening inside dimensions
15 1/4" X 10 5/8"
Rear opening inside dimensions
15 1/4" X 5 5/8"
Mounting brackets

20" X 2 3/4"

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