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Product Image Link-it-Up 2.0

Link-it-Up 2.0

$329.99 CAD

*The Link-It-Up 2.0 tunnel rack will only work with the new Boardski Bracket Kit 2.0*


The CFR Link It Up 2.0 is our newly designed flagship snowmobile rack designed in conjunction with the all-new Boardski Bracket Kit 2.0 to be the ultimate platform for carrying skis, snowboards and gear. The side plates are stamped from 3mm thick aerospace aluminum and bolted together with 20mm tubes to create a bomb-proof rack which will stay looking good for years thanks to the hard-wearing anodized finish.

The Small Link It Up 2.0 rack is fastened to the snowmobile using two Cargo Base Kits and Linq Fasteners (one on each side of the rack) and allows other accessories to be used on the back of your snowmobile tunnel.

* The small Link It Up rack is not recommended for carrying a pair of skis and poles on one side of the rack. The weight and leverage can cause the Linq brackets to fail. For carrying skis we recommend one ski and pole be carried on each side of the rack.

The Large and Extra Large Link it up 2.0 use four Cargo Base Kits and Linq Fasteners for added strength, security and carrying space. 


Linq Fasteners and Cargo Base Kits sold separately


Link It Up Rack 2.0 Assembly Video.


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