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Product Image REV Gen4 Blades

REV Gen4 Blades

$99.99 CAD

 Add a little more Metal to the rear tunnel of your snowmobile. The CFR REV Gen4 Blades are designed to be fastened to the inside rear tunnel of your 154" ,165" or 175" Track length Ski Doo GEN 4 snowmobile.

Important Notes

The REV Gen4 Blades are recommended if you travel on bumpy roads carrying extra weight on the rear tunnel of your snowmobile.

Product Specs

  • Anatomically designed to fit the rear tunnel
  • REV Gen4 Blades are anodized black.
  • Blades come complete with 1 right/1 left side.
  • Installed using the factory bumper holes and hardware.
  • Designed to be used with Linq Cargo Base Kits.
  • Made in Canada.


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