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31 Dec

1-1-16 New years day

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The usual suspects (Dave,Joe,Delaney and Chris) gathered to start the new year off right. First run of the day was a fun pow surf lap in the sun.


The big north faces are dark this early in the year.

Regroup at the top of the ridge.

Joe and Chris getting into position at the top of the first run.


Chris getting ready to drop


Joe finds some fun terrain to play in.


We were excited to see MT U have no huge cornice guarding its face.

Quick roop around the back and a short walk to the top.

Delaney stoked to have found the tricky slot to get on the face safely.

Delaney shreding the spine.

Chris dropping in.

The CSP was the next peak of the day.

A quick tour up the front side to get to the top.

Joe stoked to drop into the evening glow.

Dave dropping into the cold and powy darkside.

Setting the tone for the New Year.



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