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Rooster Bar

Rooster Bar

$144.95 CAD

The Rooster Bar from CFR has a fresh graphic package along with a flat bar bend. The Over sized flat bar bend allows more space for controls, and the stock rise to be maintained, when switching some OEM handlebars. The Rooster Bar is a great handlebar for Boondocking, carving fresh powder, hillclimbing, catching big air or riding the trails. Made to last using 7075 double butted heat treated aluminum. The bend is a comfy 12° back bend, 31.5" width with a 38° bar end on each side. The middle of the Handlebar is a beefy oversized 1 1/8" diameter that tapers to 7/8" for your controls and hands to fit nicely around.

*The Rooster bar is an oversize 1 1/8" in the center. A 7/8" to 1 1/8" adapter might be needed depending on the snowmobile riser you have*


  • 0” Rise

  • 0° Up

  • 12° Back

  • 31.5" Width

  • 1 1/8" oversize Handlebar.

  • Made from 7075 double butted heat treated Aluminum

  • 38° Degree bar ends

  • All CFR handlebars come with a CFR Bar Pad.


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